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OLEA Kitchen Cabinets

At OLEA, we sell standard sized flat pack kitchen cabinets. This is one of our best-selling products because it has so many advantages that others don't. However, it has certain limitations to its own nature. We hope to disclose in details about out kitchen cabinet products to our customers so they can make their best decisions. In any way, we would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to quote your kitchen cabinet project. To obtain a quote, please contact us,


  • Low budget

    • Every standard sized kitchen saves at least 50% of what you would have paid for a customized one​

  • 2PAC (or polyurethane) coating for all doors and end panels

    • Unlike Bunnings or IKEA kitchen cabinets are having vinyl wrap or melamine doors

  • 16mm Solid back for all carcass and solid base for all drawers

    • Unlike IKEA cabinets are having 4mm back panel which makes the structure unstable

  • Every panel has all 4 sides PVC edging

    • While many other similar products including the locally made cabinets would only have the visible edge (usually the front end) PVC sealed

  • Efficiency. Most of the time we have all the cabinets in stock and pickup can be arranged within a few days or sooner if your order is urgent

    • Instead of having you wait for months for your order to be customised or ordered from overseas.

  • Itemised price quote. We will provide a fully itemised price list for your kitchen order where you can see clearly how much each item costs

    • While almost every other kitchen supplier will only give you one total price. When you make change in design, you will be surprised that your price jumps up too much for no explanation.

  • We accept return of unused and unopened kitchen cabinet related products

    • So you won’t need to overpay for things that you do not need for your job



  • Flat pack

    • This makes your whole kitchen easy to be transported, but also means you need to assemble them up bits by bits

    • Our company can provide installation instruction to guide you through the installation process, but you may need to have some relevant experience in cabinetry work

    • Our company have employed a certified cabinet maker as our technical consultant who can provide technical supports when you run into problems installing the cabinets yourself

    • Most of the necessary hinted screw marks have been predrilled in the panels to help you assemble the cabinets faster and easier, eg hinge holes, runners position marks, screw marks etc.

  • Standard sizes

    • We have many different sizes cabinets that can be combined together to fit into almost every kitchen in Australia. However, we may not have the size of a particular cabinet that you want. Here are some common limitations to our standard sizes cabinets:

      • The height of our pantry cabinet is 2200mm overall and there will usually be a gap between the ceiling and the top of the wall cabinets. You may leave the gap there or some workaround includes:

        • Make a bulk head to seal the gap between the ceiling and our overhead cabinets if you don’t want to see the gap.

        • Otherwise, some customers could consider putting another slimline cabinet on top of the wall cabinets and pantry cabinets to make the overall height 2560mm.

      • Occasionally in order to fit a narrow space, we will have adjacent doors in different sizes, eg if your space is 700mm, then we will need to put in a 300mm and 400mm door instead of having two of 350mm door.

      • When a rangehood cabinet is needed in design, it usually won’t be in line with the other wall cabinets next to it and instead it will be higher in order to maintain the minimum safety distance between the rangehood and the gas cooktop.

      • Our standard fridge top cabinets are designed with one lift up door, instead of two bifold doors.

  • Scratchable

    • Our 2pac doors look shiny and beautiful which is why it is the most popular and expensive door material in the market. However, compared to other material like vinyl, laminate or melamine, they are easier to be scratched during the process of manufacturing, packing, transporting and installation.

      • While some scratch is neglectable, some is not. Our factory uses a standard to define whether it’s acceptable during our manufacturing process. If a scratch is not visible outside a distance of 3 meters and it’s not examined under direct reflection of lighting, then it is considered passed.

      • We understand that such standard is still rather vague and arbitrary. Therefore we would strongly recommend you inspect the product in our showroom to make sure you are happy with the real products. The actual products that you are buying will be similar to what is on display.

      • We would be happy to exchange any door panels that do not meet the standards, especially for those with obvious manufactory defaults.

  • Limited choice of door colour

    • At the moment we only stock the 2pac high gloss white colour for all doors, end panels and kickboards

  • Limited choice of door profile

    • At the moment we only have modern profile, ie flat door with no pattern

    • We will be having a finger pull door on display in about 1 month’s time

  • Limited choice of accessories, eg hinges, runners, handles etc

    • We currently do not stock internationally famous brand like Blum. However, you can withdraw the accessories from our price quote and buy your own accessories from Blum.

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