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Kitchen DIY Tip: inaccessible wall studs

It's important that wall mounted cabinets are always fixed securely to the wall. For a timber frame house, this means screwing them onto the timber wall studs.

Our solid backed wall cabinets make this relatively easy, but there can still be difficulties, such as the stud lining up with the sides of the cabinets rather than being accessible through the back panel.

How to do it yourself

You can deal with this problem by attaching a mounting block to the top of the cabinets, and then screwing the mounting block into the wall stud. Just remember to make sure that the mounting block isn't visible when you're standing in your kitchen – or better yet hide it away behind a bulkhead!

Note: this hack only applies to wall runs that have secure fixing points either side of the inaccessible stud. If you can't fix the wall run to studs on either side then you'll need to find an alternative solution to the problem.

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